I’m Mark Nemoyten, owner and manager of Hear & Now audio. I’ve been a musician pretty much my whole life. You can read my performer bio on my other web site.

I’ve been fascinated by the recording process for years, and have always sought to broaden and expand my musical horizons. About twelve years ago I started Hear & Now Audio so that I could be involved in music at a different level and get a chance to work with other musicians and help them get their music heard by a greater audience. My clients have included solo singers, Siberian folk music, 15 piece R&B bands, Concert Bands, Symphony Orchestras, blues and jazz bands, classical chamber music, opera performances with orchestra, rock bands and more. I’ve also recorded sound for meetings, lectures and corporate events.

I want to make you sound your best. I love hearing clients say, “I didn’t know we could sound this good!”

No two musicians are the same. Different styles require different approaches. In some cases the best approach is to just record the moment as accurately as possible. Other music requires using the various tools at our disposal to make a song have more emotional impact by highlighting or altering particular elements of the sound.

Recording is mostly an art, with a little science thrown in to design and implement our tools of the trade. We learn through listening, study, practice, repetition, experimentation and more listening.

I will do everything I can to bring your vision to life. I may make some suggestions, or let you hear different approaches to your mix, but you decide what sounds best.

My studio space is located in San Rafael, California. We have access to a drum set, amplifiers, keyboards and various outboard gear and percussion for studio sessions through our partner,  Sunnbolt Music. Rates for instrument rental are very reasonable. I have been in the music business in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, and know many top-notch studio musicians, arrangers and composers.

Current Gear (partial list)

Core system:

  1. *Mac Pro, quad core 3GHz Intel Xeon with 14 GB ram, over 6 tb hard drives

  2. * MacBookPro 2.8 GHz Intel i7 with 8 GB ram (for location recording)

* Logic Pro, Waveburner Pro, Sound Soap, Toast Titanium

  1. *Various software synth and samplers; gigs of sam

  2. *RME UFX audio interface with Black Lion Audio premium upgrades. Up to 18 channels  of 192kHz audio or 30 channels of 48kHz audio

  3. * Hafler trans nova TRM8 Studio Monitor

* Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones (2)

  1. *Sony MDR 7405 Headphones (2)

  2. *Mackie BIG KNOB monitor controller

  3. *Rolls six channel headphone amplifier

  4. *ART S8 Microphone splitters (16 channels) for live shows

Pre amps etc..:

* Apogee MiniMP 2 channel stereo/MS mic pre

  1. *audient MICO stereo mic pre

  2. *Black Lion Audio Auteur stereo mic pre

  3. *Demeter HXM-1 Stereo mic pre-amp

  4. *Focusrite Octopre 8-channel mic pre/compressor 

  5. *Mackie Onyx 800R 8-channel mic pre

  6. *PreSonus Eureka channel strip

  7. *FMR Audio RNC1773 compressor

  8. *Radial JDI direct box

  9. *Beringer Ultra-DI


  1. *One AKG C414 Limited Edition Large Diaphragm Condenser

  2. * AKG D112 dynamic kick/bass mic

  3. *One Audio-Technica AT 4050 LDC

  4. *One Audio Technica AT 4040 LDC

  5. *Two Audio-Technica AT 4051 Small Diaphragm Condenser

  6. *Two Audio-Technica AT 4041 SDC

  7. *Audio Technica ATM25

  8. * Earthworks QTC-1 matched pair SDC (same as QTC40)

  9. *M-AUDIO Pulsar II stereo pair SDC

  10. *Oktava MK-219 LDC

  11. *Peluso SR14 stereo ribbon mic

* Peluso R14 ribbon

  1. *Rode  NT2000 LDC (2)

* Sennheiser (2) MD-421 MKII

  1. *Shure SM-57's

  2. *Shure SM-58's

  3. *Audix i5


Affordable, high-quality studio & mobile recording and production.

Contact Hear and Now Audio

email: mark@hearandnowaudio.com

Or call (415) 596-1741

Hear and Now is located at:

150 Mitchell Blvd
San Rafael, CA 94903-2066

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